David Sinde, AVSEC PM
Principal Owner
Aviation Security Consultant

Security is like the sky when the conditions are right; the sun will shine, the air is calm, no cloud can be seen and far in the horizon you can see what is coming; after all, that is the perfect scenario for security.  Although security is rarely perfect, one thing out of order and the conditions of the sky will deteriorate.  Before you know it, we will have stormy clouds rolling in, the winds would have picked up, and you’re trying to keep up with the demand, guiding your team through the storm clouds.


As an aviation security professional, you depend on all security departments working efficiently, security systems working flawlessly, accurate risk assessments and your whole program meeting or exceeding your state's National Civil Aviation Security Program (NCASP).  There is nothing more frustrating than having deficiencies within your security equipment or staffing issues preventing you from providing quick and efficient services which may hinder your checkpoint screening or staff access control.


David Sinde at ICAO Seminar

My name is David Sinde; I’m an Aviation Security Specialist from Toronto Canada.  I have a passion for aviation and motivated to assist all aviation based organisations looking to improve their security program.  I'm a self-motivated, dedicated security professional with more than 18 years of experience, training, education and a member of ASIS International & ACI North America. I’m designated as an AVSEC PM; awarded by ICAO in conjunction with Concordia University and a candidate for Certified Protection Professional through ASIS International. 

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Allow me to assist you with your airport, airline, MRO facilities and or manufacturing facilities.


Click on the link below, book your complimentary introductory session, fill out the AVSEC Assistance form and let’s calm your ocean so you can see far into the horizon.

My goal is to provide services in the aerospace industry; I strive to assist my clients in providing a safe and secure environment for their guests & staff.  My team strives to stay up to date on current industry best practices and trends.