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Area of Expertise
Security Consultation
  • Security Consultation

  • SeMS Implementation

  • Security Project Management

  • Physical Security Audit

  • Security Planning

  • Security Operating Procedures 

Avisin Aviation is a company that provides security consultation and audit services for the aerospace industry.  I care about the safety & security of the aerospace industry; with over 18 years of safety & security experience, I look for efficiencies while keeping your organisation above and beyond minimal standards which could result in savings by avoiding incidents costing your organisations time, money and reputation.

I provide security audits using industry best practices based on IATA & ICAO standards; I also implement your country’s regulations to ensure your organisation's compliance.  Audit reports are provided to your organisation outlining any findings with recommendations how to correct those findings.

Security is at the forefront of the Aerospace industry, and your organisation not only has a duty but an obligation to your guests and staff to provide a secure environment.  Allow our team to provide your organisation with a full security assessment and make the necessarily approved changes to your security programme.  Whether your organisation is an Aerodrome (airport), Airline or in manufacturing, call us so we can help.

Boeing 787 on approach